Weapon Reviews


The KWA KM4 SR7.

I picked this bad boy up from Evike.com. Ranger and I took a trip down to San Gabriel, CA to pick out a new gun for myself. My ECHO1 USA SCAR was starting to die and after a year of playing this game it was time for an upgrade.

Ranger recently purchased and reviewed his KWA Km4 SR5 (you can watch the video review here). I really liked the look and feel of his gun, but wanted my own individuality. So after 4 hours of going back and forth (Evike staff was amazingly patient and helpful) between some G&G M4 variants I finally noticed the SR7 sitting in the display case. The G&G’s were all blow back systems (which I’m glad I didn’t purchase after reading some awful reviews on the blow back mechanics) and they had full plastic upper and lower receivers which is nice for the weight, but not for longevity.

The gun itself cost me $320.00. A little pricey but then again, I play this game a lot and consider it more of an investment than anything else. I also picked up some rail modifications which I’ll post pictures of my mods later on.

Out of the box, this shot 360-370 FPS with .20 BB’s @ 20 rounds per second. The majority of the other ones were shooting at 350 solid. I just got lucky, lol. The feel of it is great. It’s made out of an aluminum based material so the weight is lighter than usual but still strong. Full metal internals as well.

The box contents were lacking a little for the price tag in my opinion. The contents included:

  • The rifle
  • 1 High capacity magazine
  • Some alan wrenches
  • Manual and registration papers
  • Muzzle cap

No batteries, charger, BB’s, etc. Just the very bare bones. Evike had a great deal going on which offered 2 high cap magazines for $3.00 if you purchased a KWA rifle. So I scored on that.

I took this bad boy home and started shooting some rounds to see the results.

It shoots solid. No jams, mis-feeds, or double feeds. The hop-up isn’t that great out of the box. It doesn’t seem to be doing it’s job very well. I’ll be replacing that soon with something a little more solid.

I love this gun and think it’s going to be my new best friend on the field.


  1. Solid design
  2. Full metal everything
  3. Lightweight (aluminum material)
  4. Great ROF and FPS out of the box
  5. M4 design makes upgrades easy and affordable


  1. A little pricey
  2. Hop-up out of the box needs to be replaced (in my opinion)

I’ll be posting a video review on our YouTube channel shortly of this gun as well as my upgrades.