Gulk from RAINBOW

Well my love for the military all started when I was very young, way before I can even remember. My Grandfather was pretty much my father figure growing up, and he came from a military background and served in the army, then joined the air force after his army career during WWII. So through out my whole childhood, all the way until high school, my Grandfather took me to countless airshows and war museums, we’d also watch old WWII movies together and he would always quiz me on what type of tank was on the screen or what kind of plane would be flying above us at the airshow – all at such a young age. So, from my very first memories as a child I always knew I was going to be a soldier. Sure enough at 19 years of age I joined the Army and was shipped off to Ft. Benning, GA. Home of the infantry. During basic, I met my best friend, you know him as Ranger. From basic we both were sent to Korea, then New York where we both were finally separated into different units. Ranger went into a recon platoon and I deployed to Iraq where I did my combat tour. Once back from Iraq it was my time to leave the army and head into the civilian life once again. I met one of my other best friends, you know him as Chaplain. Well one day his brother got an Echo 1 m4, we both were like “This thing is awesome”. So within the next few days we went to a little hole in the wall airsoft store, and bought our first AEG’s. We then told Ranger he should get one. We went out and played a few games and I fell in love with it. One day this group called RAINBOW came out to the field and just was working people left and right. Squ1d and Ranger had been playing together more frequently. Soon after  Chaplain joined them, then I was the last to join the team. Now Ranger and I are going to try to give our knowledge of the battlefield and combat to the rest of the team to help our team grow even more. I can say we have some really good talent already from  our team and we are very lucky to have such a great friendship and teamwork between us.